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With over 25 years of experience in the low voltage and wireless industry; we at Kawartha Integrated pride ourselves in offering the latest GPS Management and Machine to Machine solutions.

Our services are available North America wide.  We are dedicated to continual education of our technical staff and back ourselves with reliable affordable products and services. 

Technology is our game, Customer Service is our name.  We look forward to meeting your needs.

SatGPS Remote is a full featured GPS Tracking / Fleet Management solution that address all aspects of managing vehicles, equipment & personnel. Regardless of Industry there is a comprehensive solution available that will allow you to lower operating costs while improving productivity.  The full featured platform allows for a wide range of visibility into your operation. Different levels of management can have their own administrative access providing them with the concise information that relates to their area of responsibility. With a plethora of reports, alerts & notifications your people can be “in the know”.  Informed and intelligent decision making are the key ingredients in making your operation run smoothly and more effectively.

SkyLink Remote is a solution that is specific to heavy equipment such as skyjacks, scissor-lifts, bobcats & excavators. Equipment maintenance, theft protection and utilization are all aspects of the SkyLink Remote system.  With daily, weekly & monthly notifications and reports you can be on top of all your equipment at all times. With the daily night time heartbeat you can see that everything is where it is supposed to be at the end of the day. With a weekly maintenance report you can plan ahead to make sure that maintenance’s can be scheduled at a convenient time. With the monthly landmark/Geofence report you can easily determine how much work was done at a specific location and by which employees.

GEN Remote is a LIVE monitoring solution that lets you see the status of your generator in real time. This solution allows you to receive common events such as; Utility Loss & Restored, Transfer Switch On & Off, Running Transferred, Generator Failed, Exercise, Fuel Solenoid On & Off & Low Battery. Be notified on your smartphone, tablet or PC when an event occurs.  Gen Remote also includes maintenance reports & notifications to let you know when it’s time to service your generator based on hours of usage.  Whether you are monitoring a single residential unit or manage your entire customer base, GEN Remote can grow with you. Our user intuitive platform lets you set up alerts for your customers as well as a bank of notifications and status pages for your own use this allows you to provide your customers a wide range of service levels.  GEN Remote has its own built in the 3G Cellular Communicator ensuring that you will receive the vital information regardless if your internet & Wi-Fi is down.

The Asset Remote Family of asset trackers helps you protect & monitor what is important to you. All our asset trackers feature an intelligent power management algorithm that allows them to track as often as 15 seconds when moving and as long as once per week when completely stationary.  They come in a variety of sizes and battery duration to suite any requirement whether Micro, Mini, Mega or Magnet.

Hoist Remote is an advanced wireless communication system for Personnel and Material Construction Hoists. Hardware is installed in electrical panels or existing machines. The Hoist Remote solution collects; records and analyses hoist performance and safety data as well as providing remote monitoring of components for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and communicate that information to the maintenance and service personnel via scheduled reports and alerts. The data is available anywhere & anytime.

Our Machine Remote solutions allow you to make intelligent decisions in your manufacturing processes by providing you visibility to what was previously invisible. You cannot fix what you cannot see! By being able to clearly identify inefficiencies in your production, you can make the informed decisions that will improve productivity and reduce costs.  Each Machine Remote solution goes through its own process of design. Starting with an initial consultation to a preliminary scope of work then to a first test installation then to production.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are robust industrial electronic systems used for controlling a wide variety of mechanical systems and applications. They are essentially a mini-computer with a variety of inputs and outputs that can be programmed to turn things on and off as well as sense when things are on or off. They are literally used everywhere in the world.

There are many applications that require remote access to these PLC’s where there is no wired internet available. Remote PLC addresses this problem by providing a reliable & secure connection to your PLC from anywhere in the world.

Time Remote is Time & Attendance solution that is used for payroll as well as attendance applications. There are 2 versions available; a portable unit that can be placed at a location where employees, trades and other personnel can swipe in and out. The second version is a smartphone based service that allows users to swipe in and out right on their phone. Both solutions are completely cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Both these types can be used simultaneously with in an organization.

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